to Image.


Type to Image is a book that celebrates creative freedom and the breadth of what can be achieved within the field of graphic design, typography and illustration.

The structure for Type to Image explores my work as a journey from calligraphy to illustration, with various stops along the way. Throughout the journey, I discuss the various disciplines and how I have tackled them through my work and how each relate to each other and overlap. As well as beginning with a foreword by Amber Weaver of Femme Type, the book contains six sections, which are: Calligraphy & Digital Lettering, Typography, Digital Effects, Illustrative Lettering, Illustration Within Letters and Illustration.

It is a useful narrative as it helps to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of my work, which encompasses anything from typeface design to digital illustration, book covers, posters, advertorial graphics, wine labels and so on.

Book Photography by Thom Atkinson

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