de Barcelona.

The twenty-third edition of Barcelona Poesia will always be remembered as the edition that had to be postponed due to a pandemic that has shaken everything, or almost everything. However, the Cultural Insitute of Barcelona wants it to be evoked also by the quality of the proposals it welcomes; that’s why they worked against uncertainty to get a program that, while it retains most of the events they had planned for May, incorporates others, because they can’t and don’t want to act like nothing happened.

The idea behind the campaign was simple yet very iconic. To have a bust made out of letters forming the word poetry in Catalan “poesia”. I was looking for a fresh look, avoiding all the typical images usually used to talk about poetry such as fountain pens, feathers, roses, hearts or ravens. The idea was also to give something really clean and kind of peaceful to the public, to give a moment of pause, something to be perceived as more cultural driven for a moment of reflection. It’s been very much inspired by the drawings of Pablo Picasso and the small Mediterranean sculptures of Siurells.

2020     Art Director: Josep Pedrals