Marta Cerdà Alimbau

Amnesty International

Poster commission for Amnesty International about the Article XIX of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, claiming the freedom of opinion and expression. This project is an American Illustration 35 CHOSEN Winner

Seize the Awkward

Here's my contribution to the Seize the Awkward campaign by Droga5, Adcouncil, JED Foundation and the American Association for Suicide Prevention. The campaign encourages to talk about mental health among young people, embracing awkwardness.


Yes! are different optimistic type treatment tests, check them out!

Working Not Working

WNW asked me to design a W for a limited edition cap!


Diet Coke is retweeting its biggest fans in extravagant ways, the first of which was on display in Times Square on a large billboard.

The Art Directors Club

Image for The Art Directors Club "Behind the Cube" video series and talks. New Yorkers, stay tuned to hear all their stories!

Transit. Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore

Corporative image for the series of art events that are going to take place in the city of Baltimore.


Lettering work with the word Beetle for a Volkswagen Ad campaign, representing the three different Beetle styles


Lettering proposal for the Australian fixed income specialists.


Gig Poster for my favourite DOOM

IG Marquets

Lettering for the print ad campaign of the UK's company

Ray Ban

Poster for the international Rare Prints Campaign of Ray Ban

Corona / Coronita

International Campaign for Corona beer

Coca Cola

Lettering proposals for the logo campaign Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La


Decorated capital letters S T O for the Antiviral Kleenex campaign in the UK

Zoo York

Lettering graphics for the brand to apply