Marta Cerdà Alimbau

Poster gift for Atoms for Peace
Atoms for Peace

When Radiohead comes to town I always try to give them a present. This time Atoms for Peace was coming thought I would do something myself. This lettering is inspired with the Copperplate and Spencerian calligraphy styles. These styles have been often used in institutional and political paperwork. As Herb Lubalin said in his poster where this style appeared: A diplomat is a person that can tell you go to hell in such a way that you’re actually looking forward to it. The name of the band recalls the Eisenhower speech about the hopes and fears of the new nuclear era, so I thought this style would fit perfectly. You can see the shape of an atom in the ornament. Hope you enjoy it as I did while doing it! : )

You can buy it here if you like!

  • Art Director: Marta Cerdà
  • Year: 2013