Marta Cerdà Alimbau


Vogue asked me to design my dream cover for the March issue of 2021.

Barcelona Poesia 2020

Fountain pens, feathers, roses, hearts or ravens are often used as an image to evoque the concept of Poetry. For the campaign of the 23rd edition of "Barcelona Poesia" festival we avoided all preconceived ideas to give something really clean and kind of peaceful to the public, to give a moment of pause and reflection in this times of uncertainty. Can you read what's in the bust?

Strength in Connection

Stay afloat. Always, but now more than ever, strengthen your connections and take good care of each other. Click to see the animation.


EGO is my contribution to W+K's exhibition "The Intersection", dedicated to the designer Ray Eames.

Ad Algea

Theorbist Josep Maria Martí Duran is publishing his first solo album accompanied by an essay of the philosopher Ramón Andrés.

AFAR Travel Magazine and Guide

Another type commission for this great magazine, an opener about rum & Haiti.


What's the link between the 60's Psychedelic Art movement in California and the Austrian Secession?


I had the honor to work on the first issue of Bumble magazine. Click to see all the headlines!


I was among the 25 designers that were approached to design something in homage to the 25 years of Nova Era

United by the Arts

Goodtype approached Rutger Paulusse and I to do a piece together in the distance during confinement, and voilà!


“All creative effort is preceded by destruction”. This quote triggered all the rebranding for Omelet, the independent creative company based in LA!

Castellers de Vilafranca

Castellers de Vilafranca is the best human tower team of all times. The poster is an optical illusion and uses a visual paradox. It's also a pattern, so you can get an army of feet and hands when putting one poster next to each other.

ESPN Magazine

Find different type treatments and a custom type for ESPN magazine issues about Basketball and Baseball!

Ceràmiques Guzmán. Manel

This is the logo I made for the new record label of the band Manel!


I made a bunch of bold & groovy letterings for this first printed issue of Goop magazine. Long life to the Old School! (click to see more)

Hey Yeh

This is my contribution to Yeh, the 10th Anniversary exhibition of Hey Studio. You can buy the 50x70cm poster here!


Three dimensional cover for this issue about packaging.


Funky Portrait.

Amnesty International

Poster commission for Amnesty International about the Article XIX of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, claiming the freedom of opinion and expression. This project is an American Illustration 35 CHOSEN Winner

Afar Alphabet

I had the pleasure to work again for Afar magazine to design this alphabet for a special issue dedicated to America.

La Vanguardia

New Year's cover for the cultural magazine of La Vanguardia

Seize the Awkward

Here's my contribution to the Seize the Awkward campaign by Droga5, Adcouncil, JED Foundation and the American Association for Suicide Prevention. The campaign encourages to talk about mental health among young people, embracing awkwardness.


Yes! are different optimistic type treatment tests, check them out!

Working Not Working

WNW asked me to design a W for a limited edition cap!


A portrait of my beloved Iu.

I'll be speaking at the Offf Festival in London, anyone joining?
Offf London
Feminismo para torpes (feminism for dummies)

I made the cover for the new book of the spanish journalist and comedian Neréa Pérez de las Heras!

Santa Ana

Lettering for the opening titles of the upcoming documentary Santa Ana, a short film about the satanic wind in California.


Celtic Knot Art and Op Art hybridization for this lettering featured at the Offf Festival book 2016.

36 Days of Type

Three sexy three-dimensional ampersands. This project got a Certificate of Excellence by the TDC in 2016.


¿Why do we always need to make the internet believe we are so happy? This amazing book is an essay about our identity in the internet.


Diet Coke is retweeting its biggest fans in extravagant ways, the first of which was on display in Times Square on a large billboard.


I was invited to give a positive message to another studio. This is the title of Louis CK’s famous monologue.

Men's Health

"Mind Games" is a story on hypnosis. I was asked to create 4 different Brigette Riley style vortex backgrounds to illustrate it.

Bime 2017

Image for the BIME 2017 Music Festival that takes place every autumn in Bilbao. The image is based on different earplugs still life compositions.

AFAR Travel Magazine and Guide

Type commission for the "Where to Go" in 2017 issue. Check out the 100 great places you need to go next year!


Lettering for the BSIDE guide cover, a special guide for the with secret tips to move around ‪Barcelona‬. The idea was to show the hidden parts of the letters within the word BSIDE. The whole title was bended until the back side of the word popped out! This project got a Certificate of Excellence by the TDC in 2016.

Offf Unmasked

This is my collaboration for the‪ OFFF Unmasked‬ book. I designed the secret scriptures with an imaginary alphabet that is hiding images and information about the Festival in it.

Penguin Random House

Cover proposal for the new book by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz.

Sant Fèlix

Saint Felix (Sant Fèlix) is the patron saint of Vilafranca del Penedès, the town were I grew up. It is traditional that every year a different local artist draws a portrait of him for the festival that takes place at the end of August.

Cooking Light

This is an opener ment to be melty, saucy, juicy and messy. Yummy!


Lettering work for a headline in Esquire magazine


Tasty Retro Horns is an album of brass led retro instrumentals. Most of the tracks are big, bold & fun with some of the lighter more relaxed side.


Lettering commission for a tattoo.This is the screen version, but you can get a glimpse of it!

The Guardian. Babadook

Lettering work for the cover of The Guardian’s supplement The Guide about Babadook, a new horror film that will scare you to death!

Men's Health

MH presents in this issue the 100 greatest things in health, a list of the best life changing innovations accompanied by these 10 colorful numbers. These numbers got a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the Type Director's Club in 2015

Women's Health

Lettering proposal for the cover of Women's Health magazine


New type experiment with accidents. Have you ever run out of ink while writing? Beautiful misfortune!

Talk & Workshop at the Beijing Design Week next 30th September. 闪现弹指一挥间!
Beijing Design Week

Cover for the world's authority magazine on classical music. This issue of is about where jazz-meets-classical-meets-jazz

The Art Directors Club

Image for The Art Directors Club "Behind the Cube" video series and talks. New Yorkers, stay tuned to hear all their stories!

Transit. Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore

Corporative image for the series of art events that are going to take place in the city of Baltimore.

Atoms for Peace

Poster gift for the band Atoms for Peace, printed in letterpress with a fluorescent ink. You can buy it here if you like!


Lettering work with the word Beetle for a Volkswagen Ad campaign, representing the three different Beetle styles

The Observer

Magazine cover for the Food Monthly’s supplement of The Observer’s newspaper. Yummy!


Wine label for a limited edition red wine produced by Lados magazine. Do you guess what is the drawing representing?

Apple Store talk at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal location on March 31. See you there!
Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC
The Executioner

Poster for the exhibition “Barcelona, més enllà de la creativitat”


Opening titles of the short film Tramuntana, for Bullet Magazine, NYC. The film has been awarded with a Young Director's Award in Cannes 2013.

The Guardian. How to be a DJ

Lettering work for the cover of The Guardian’s supplement The Guide about how to be a DJ


Illustrated type work for the annual issue of Fortune's magazine featuring the year's Global 500.

Propera conferència a Barcelona al CaixaForum el 28 de març. Espero veure-us-hi!
CaixaForum, Barcelona
The Guardian. The 23 best directors in the world

Lettering work for the cover of The Guardian’s supplement The Guide about the 23 best directors in the world in 2013


Lettering proposal for the Australian fixed income specialists.

Vincci Bit Hotel

Welcome Mosaic for the reception desk in the entrance of the Vincci Bit hotel in Barcelona


Horoscope's illustrations for the 2012 French edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Spain Arts and Culture

Cover for the Spanish cultural guide in the USA

Próxima conferencia el día 03 de Abril en la nueva edición del Dejando Huella, Querétaro, México. Hasta pronto!
Dejando Huella, Querétaro

Gig Poster for my favourite DOOM

Ship of Fools

Poster for the Ship of Fools Gallery in Amsterdam

IG Marquets

Lettering for the print ad campaign of the UK's company

Penguin Books

Cover proposal for the Capote's classic Breakfast at Tiffany's


Opening titles for the band music's video Aniversari

Public Finance

Illustrated monogram for the 125 anniversary of CIPFA

Ray Ban

Poster for the international Rare Prints Campaign of Ray Ban

Chicken House

Glow in the dark cover for the children's book Zac & the Dream Pirates

Corona / Coronita

International Campaign for Corona beer


Cover proposal for the great Melanie's Challenger book


Splash Page for the 04/10 number of Wired magazine

Fotogramas 2009

Cover for the Fotograma's Spanish magazine supplement Videojuegos

American Taste

Geometrical & synthetical style Illustration

Coca Cola

Lettering proposals for the logo campaign Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La


These are some results of experimenting with type

Beautiful Decay

Modular lettering originally made for a t-shirt


Capital letter K for an exhibition homage to Ricardo Rousselot

Fotogramas 2008

Cover for the Fotograma's Spanish magazine supplement Videojuegos


Decorated capital letters S T O for the Antiviral Kleenex campaign in the UK

The wall

Black and white illustration about Pink Floyd's popular song, The Wall

La Mono

This is a cover for a street magazine in Barcelona. This particular issue was sponsored by Ray Ban.

Zoo York

Lettering graphics for the brand to apply

Arjo Wiggins

Poster project made out of clay for the paper company